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Free AU/VST plugins for your DAW

Updated: May 15

AI Rendering of a melting Synth
AI Rendering of a melting Synth

A List of Free Downloadable VST/AU Soft Synth Plugins For Your DAW

First my two Favorite VST/AU plugins

  1. 1.Behringer's VST 3/AU synth is now available called "Vintage". They are taking donations for the Playing For Change Foundation. It's a cool plugin or standalone. I have already spent hours playing it. Link

2.Vital is a great soft synth for EDM music. It is used widely by producers of Psytrance. They also have a paid version. Link

Here is a list of 10 others. Go to the link at the bottom for 225 Free VST/AU plugins.

Here’s a list of free VST/AU plugins that you can use in your digital audio workstation (DAW):

  1. Dexed by Digital Sub Urban: A frequency modulation (FM) synth closely modeled after the Yamaha DX7. It’s based on the iconic DX7 sound and offers a wide range of presets1.

  2. Combo Model F by Martinic: A simple and fun organ-sounding synth. Easy to use and sounds pretty good1.

  3. Tunefish 4 by Brain Control: A smaller replacement for Tunefish 3 with similar power. Improved UI for visualizing modulations1.

  4. Helix by Audjoo: A CPU-friendly, versatile synthesizer with high sound quality. Comes with presets and built-in effects1.

  5. Muon Tau Bassline by Muon Software: A monophonic bass line synth modeled after the Roland 303. Get that cool 303 bass sound without complexity1.

  6. TyrellN6 by u-he: A compact synth based on hardware synth concepts. Offers analog sound and low-cost features1.

  7. MiniSpillage by AudioSpillage: A professional-quality drum synthesizer with custom algorithms for electronic percussion sounds1.

  8. Tal-Bassline by Tal-Software: Specifically designed for bass, it delivers super beefy bass tones and classic acid effects1.

  9. Crystal Synth by Green Oak: A semi-modular software synth featuring subtractive synthesis and FM synthesis. Over 90 parameters for modulation1.

  10. Lokomotiv by Archetype Instruments: An analog retro synth with phenomenal sound quality and an easy-to-use interface1.

Feel free to explore these plugins and enhance your music production! Remember to check the compatibility with your specific DAW (VST or AU format). Happy music-making! 🎵🎹🎧

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